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The Black Soldier Fly larvae can play a crucial role in the environmentally friendly development of our agricultural and food industry.

Considering climate change and the increasing world population, effective circularity and sustainable food production have never been more crucial. To alleviate the strain that food production imposes on natural resources, the Black Soldier Fly Larvae can play a pivotal role. These larvae have the ability to consume residuals from the food industry and transform them into nutritious and sustainable ingredients for both feed and food.

Black soldier fly

Our products

Insect flour

Insect meal

Insect meal serves as a valuable source of animal protein, making it a suitable substitute for highly digestible protein feeds. With approximately 55% protein content, insect meal can be effectively incorporated as an ingredient in feeds for various animals, including fish, poultry, pigs, and pets.
Insect oil

Insect oil

Insect oil is a saturated fat characterized by a high concentration of lauric acid, a compound with demonstrated immune-stimulating properties. This oil can serve as a nutritional supplement in the feed supply for a diverse range of animal groups.

Why produce Black Soldier Fly Larvae?

Black Soldier Fly Larvae should be positioned at the heart of a circular value chain, facilitating the recycling of nutrients and effectively meeting the increasing demand for protein in fish, poultry, and pigs, with the potential for future integration into human nutrition.

Sustainable insect production

Lighthouse project

ENORM is the main applicant and are responsible for the operation and administration of the project. The project supports our trials with feeding and reproduction, the establishment of our test facilities, the development and design of the factory, which has a capacity of 100 ton living larvae every day.

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